Semantic Grid Past Events

First WS-Agreement Workshop in conjunction with GGF18, September 10, 2006, Washington DC, USA.

International Workshop on Semantic e-Science (SeS2006), Beijing, China, 3rd September, 2006.

Semantic Grid was presented at the DMTF 2006 Alliance Partners Technical Summit in Portland, Oregon, July 2006.

The International Summer School on Grid Computing 2006 (9-21 July 2006) held two Semantic Grid sessions:

  • A Semantic Grid workshop was held by Pete Edwards at the e-Social Science Conference Manchester, June 28 2006.

    RDF, Ontologies and Meta-Data Workshop held at the National e-Science Centre as part of the eScience Research Theme Exploiting Diverse Sources of Scientific Data, 7-9 June 2006.

    CTS06 Special Session on Collaboration Grids and Community Networks held at the 2006 International Symposium on Collaborative Technologies and Systems (CTS06), 14-17 May 2006, Las Vegas.

    W3C Technical Plenary Week Grid Session with talks by David Snelling, David De Roure and Don Deutsch, Mandelieu, France 27 February - 3 March 2006.

    International Conference on eScience and Grid Technologies Dec. 5 - 8, 2005, Melbourne, Australia. Carole Goble gave a keynote on Semantics in eScience and the Grid. David De Roure gave an invited talk on Instruments, Sensors and the Semantic Grid.

    SKG2005 1st International Conference on Semantics, Knowledge and Grid was held November 28-29, 2005, Beijing, China. The conference co-chairs were Hai Zhuge and David De Roure.

    Carole Goble gave a keynote on Using the Semantic Web for e-Science - Inspiration, Incubation, Irritation at the 3th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC05), Galway, Ireland, November 2005.

    The Semantic Grid Web Site nearly melted! We were out of action for four days from October 30, 2005, due to a serious fire in the School of Electronics and Computer Science at University of Southampton, where the site is hosted. The mailing list was unaffected.

    David De Roure gave an invited presentation on Semantic Web and Grid at the Terra Future event at Ordnance Survey, UK. There was also a talk from Oracle on the Geospatial Semantic Grid.

    David De Roure gave an invited presentation on e-Research: a GRIDs environment at a euroCRIS Strategic Seminar, Brussels, September 19-20, 2005.

    A Dagstuhl Seminar on Semantic Grid: The Convergence of Technologies was held 3-8 July 2005. See the Web site for materials and the obligatory photograph. The event was organised by Carole Goble, Carl Kesselman and York Sure. A report will be made available in due course.

    A session on Semantic Grids and the Agents Community was held at GGF14 in Chicago, 29 June 2005.

    A Semantic Grid Concertation Meeting was held in Brussels on 1 June, chaired by Carole Goble and Ziga Turk.

    Invited talk by David De Roure at The Semantic Grid: Past, Present and Future at the 2nd European Semantic Web Conference in Heraklion, Greece, 1 June. The slides and extended abstract are available.

    Workshop on Ubiquitous Computing and e-Research, joint workshop between the UK-UbiNet Ubiquitous Computing Network and the UK e-Science Programme, was held at the National eScience Centre, Edinburgh, UK 18-19 May 2005.

    SIGAW: Semantic Infrastructure for Grid Computing Applications Workshop Organized at the IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Cluster Computing and the Grid CCGrid 2005 was held May 9-12, 2005, Cardiff, UK. The list of accepted papers is available. The workshop was organised by Line Pouchard.

    GGF13 was held in Seoul 13-16 March 2005. We held a Semantic Grid session - see the GGF Semantic Grid Research Group pages.

    "The Semantic Grid: Past, Present and Future" by David De Roure, Nicholas R. Jennings and Nigel R. Shadbolt, was been published in the March 2005 Special Issue of the Proceedings of the IEEE.

    Carole Goble gave a Semantic Grid keynote at the European Grid Conference (EGC2005), February 14 -16 2005, Amsterdam.

    Prof. Hai Zhuge (see China Knowledge Grid) visited University of Southampton for discussions about Semantic Grid (28 January 2005).

    Semantic Grid entry created in Wikipedia (14 December 2004).

    Ad Emmen's article Aligning the Grid and the Semantic Web requires more than slogans in EnterTheGrid. (13 December 2004).

    The book The Knowledge Grid by Hai Zhuge (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China) was published December 2004.

    The 3rd International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC2004) was held November 7-11 2004 in Hiroshima, Japan.

    The Semantic Grid: when the Semantic Web meets the Grid networking session at IST 2004 in the Hague, November 15 2004.

    The portal has been 'given a makeover' thanks to financial contribution from JISC, and the new-look site went live on October 29, 2004.

    (The International Conference on Grid Services Engineering and Management (GSEM'04) was held in Erfurt, Germany, September 27-30, 2004 in conjunction with the 5th International Conference Net.ObjectDays 2004 (NODE'04).)

    GGF12 (2004) was held in Brussels 20-23 September. We presented a Semantic Grid tutorial - see the GGF Semantic Grid Research Group pages.

    The International Workshop on Knowledge Grid and Grid Intelligence (KGGI2004) was held on 20 September 2004 in Beijing, China.

    The International Workshop on Semantic Intelligent Middleware for the Web and the Grid was held in Valencia, Spain August 23, 2004, in conjunction with ECAI 2004. This workshop was held in conjunction with the GGF Semantic Grid Research Group.

    We participated in the European Grid Technology Days IST FP6 Grid projects launch and concertation, 16-17 September in Brussels. Session T7 on Semantic Grid was organised by Ziga Turk.

    The NGG2 report was published on 15 September. This is the final report of the Expert Group convened to complement, enhance and extend the original NGG report. See the IST Grid Technologies Web site or download a local copy.

    GGF11 (2004) was held in conjunction with HPDC-13 in Honolulu, Hawaii from June 4-9, 2004. The GGF Semantic Grid Research Group held the Semantic Grid Applications Workshop, June 10, 2004.

    The Second Workshop on Semantics in Peer-to-Peer and Grid Computing was held at the Thirteenth International World Wide Web Conference 17-18 May 2004, New York. This workshop was held in conjunction with the GGF Semantic Grid Research Group.

    Special issue of Future Generation Computer Systems on Semantic grid and knowledge grid: the next-generation web Volume 20, Issue 1 published January 2004.

    The EU programme Grid-based systems for Complex Problems Solving issued a call for proposals with a closing date of October 15, 2003. We will report on successful projects when this information becomes available.

    The workshop on Knowledge Grid and Grid Intelligence, was held October 13, 2003 in Halifax, Canada, in conjunction with 2003 IEEE/WIC International Conference on Web Intelligence / Intelligent Agent Technology.

    We held a Semantic Grid Workshop at the Global Grid Forum (October 5-9 2003) in Chicago, US.

    We held a Semantic Grid Mini-Workshop at the UK e-Science All Hands Meeting (Sep 2-4 2003) in Nottingham, UK.

    The Twelth International World Wide Web Conference WWW2003 in Budapest, 20-24 May 2003, featured several Grid-related events:

    There was an Information day on IST Call 2 "Grid-based systems for complex problems solving", on June 20 2003, Brussels.

    Carole Goble gave a Semantic Grid keynote at the International Workshop on Semantic Web Foundations and Application Technologies, Nara, Japan, 12 March 2003.

    There were two Semantic Grid sessions at GGF7 in Tokyo, 4-7 March 2003. Please see the GGF page for more information.

    Elsevier have announced the Journal on Web Semantics, with a call for papers that includes Semantic Grid (January 2003). See Factsheet.

    There was a Workshop on GRID based systems for complex problem solving, in Brussels, 29-30 January 2003, with discussions about Semantic Grid.

    We held a Semantic Grid panel (see photos) at the Euroweb 2002 Conference "The Web and the GRID: from e-science to e-business" in Oxford in December 2002 (17 December 2002).

    Semantic Grid presented at a workshop of the Learning Grid of Excellence in Oxford in December 2002 (16 December 2002).

    Carl Kesselman presented his "Cognitive Grid" talk at the Convergence of Web Services, Grid Services and the Semantic Web for delivering e-Services conference in Brussels. Here is a report of the event (12 December 2002).

    EPSRC-JISC Research and Development projects in Semantic Grids and Autonomic Computing, deadline for proposals was 11 December 2002 (UK). The JISC circular is here.

    Semantic Grid was presented at a meeting of the Worldwide Universities Network in San Francisco (7 December 2002).

    The GGF Semantic Grid mailing list has been set up. Please send subscription requests for sem-grd to The list is maintained by the Research Group chairs. (2 December 2002).

    Semantic Grid was presented at the VizGrid Symposium in Tokyo (28 November 2002) and at Kyoto University (3 December 2002).

    We are pleased to announce that the GGF Semantic Grid Research Group has been approved (28 November 2002).

    As part of the ongoing approval process for the GGF Semantic Grid Research group we held a BOF at GGF6 in Chicago on 16 October 2002.

    UK e-Science activities were presented at the UK e-Science All-Hands Meeting 2002 in September in Sheffield, with a presentation on the Semantic Grid and related projects including myGrid, Geodise, Comb-e-Chem and CoAKTinG. The Semantic Grid and CoAKTinG presentations are available here.

    We held a Semantic Grid BOF at the Fifth Global Grid Forum (GGF5, July 2002, Edinburgh UK) on Tuesday July 23 - see our GGF Semantic Grid Research Group page for information relating to our GGF Research Group in this area. The BOF was led by David De Roure and Carole Goble. There were around 60 attendees.

    We also held a tutorial on 'Ontologies and the Grid' at GGF5. The tutorial was run by Carole Goble and Nigel Shadbolt. Slides are available on the presentations page.

    Henry Thompson gave an excellent keynote at GGF5 "Web Services and the Semantic Web: Separating Hype from Reality". The slides are available from the GGF site.

    We held a panel (photos) on the Semantic Grid at the Eleventh International World Wide Web Conference (WWW2002, May 2002, Hawaii) as well as a Semantic Grid BOF. Here are some informal notes from the panel.

    Semantic Grid was discussed at the Information Grid event at the UK National eScience Centre on 30 April 2002, reported in Ariadne.

    The domain name was registered on 15 December 2001.

    The 'Research agenda for the Semantic Grid' report was distributed 12 December 2001 and presented by David De Roure to the Architecture Task Force and Ian Foster at NeSC.

    Presentations at the US-UK Grid Workshop in San Francisco in August 2001. David De Roure presented "Agents and the Grid: A Service Oriented View" calling for the use of Web Services in Grid infrastructure, Carole Goble presented "Information Grids, the Semantic Web & Why Ontologies Matter" and Keith Jeffery presented "The Information and Knowledge Layers of the GRIDs Architecture".

    A draft of the 'Research Agenda for the Semantic Grid' by David De Roure, Nicholas Jennings, Nigel Shadbolt and Mark Baker, was published internally to the Technical Advisory Group of the UK e-Science programme on 11 July 2001.

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