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The links on this page refer to projects and sites involving both Grid and Semantic Web. For further Semantic Grid links please see the GGF Semantic Grid Research Group pages.

OntoGrid — a reference architecture for the Semantic Grid...

One of the greatest challenges we now face in Grid Computing regards the ability to explicitly share and deploy knowledge to be used for the development of innovative Grid infrastructure, and for Grid applications . the Semantic Grid. To address this challenge the OntoGrid project will produce the technological infrastructure for the rapid prototyping and development of knowledge-intensive distributed open services for the Semantic Grid. Designing Grid applications that make use of a Semantic Grid requires a new and sound methodology which OntoGrid will develop. The results are aimed at developing grid systems that optimize cross-process, cross-company and cross-industry collaboration, which OntoGrid will show by adopting a use case-guided development and evaluation strategy based on two test case applications of differing, yet stereotypical, Grid characterisation. A principle of OntoGrid is to adopt and influence standards in Semantic Grid and Grid Computing, in particular the Open Grid Service Architecture. OntoGrid logo

IST Programme Semantic Grid Activities

Please see the European Commission's IST programme webpages for Grid Technologies, in particular the list of projects which includes links to fact sheets. The contact for Next Generation Grids is Franco Accordino.

The current projects include the following "Grid House" projects.

A new set of projects has also been announced, including:

Also see

Projects related to Semantic Grid

Project Title Activity
China Semantic Grid Plan Semantic Grid: Theory, Model and Methodology Five year National Grand Fundamental Research Plan project led by Hai Zhuge
Clinical E-Science Framework Employing Grid distributed computing framework to produce a new environment for clinical research, includes knowledge management environments to enhance biomedical research
Cognitive Grids
Cognitive Grids Cognitive grids aim to provide intelligent middleware for Grid computing infrastructure
Corporate Ontology Grid Give semantics to corporate data formats through mapping to a central ontology, automatically translating data between data formats on the grid by way of a semantic mapping to a central ontology, publish a reusable ontology
UK e-Science IRC
Collaborative Advanced Knowledge Technologies in the Grid Ontologies to enhance multi-modal and multi-media time phased group discussions and problem solving, Knowledge-based planning and task support to enhance issue-based process/activity discussions
Constraint Oriented Negotiation in Open Information Seeking Environments for the Grid Seeks to support robust and resilient virtual organisation formation and operation
UK e-Science pilot
Grid-enabled combinatorial chemistry Data collection and annotation at source. Also see Smart Tea.
DartGrid A semantic ITS platform with a prototype system deployed in China's Yangtze River Delta
Dynamic Ontologies: a Framework for Service Description Extending existing description logics with notions of time and with the ability to represent and reason about service actions
eBank UK
eBank UK Harvesting metadata about research data from institutional 'e-data repositories'
Pilot Semantic Grid Service for Environmental Modelling Aims to explore the application of emerging Grid technologies within the social sciences, through deployment of an existing land-use modelling tool into the Grid context
UK e-Science pilot
Engineering design search and optimisation Enhancing the design process through the adoption of Knowledge Management and Ontology techniques
Grid Resources for Industrial Applications Interoperability, implementation of system and application resource definition, interaction and discrimination services
GRid Interoperability Project Developing software to facilitate the interoperation of Unicore and Globus
HUST CGCL Semantic Grid Semantic Grid based Semantic Storage Model, Management and Communication Platform
Collaborative Open Ontology Development Environment/Hybrid User Oriented to Ontology Tools Aims to integrate the most widely used tools for developing and using ontologies worldwide in order to create an integrated open-source toolset
Managing Grids containing Information and Knowledge that are Incomplete Developing a logical model for integrating and querying incomplete information that is published on a Grid
UK e-Science IRC
Grid enabled knowledge services: collaborative problem solving environments in medical informatics Ontology Services, Annotation and Enrichment Services, Grid Reasoning Services
UK e-Science pilot
A virtual laboratory workbench that will serve the life sciences community Semantic description and discovery, semantic data integration, semantic workflow design
UK e-Science Best Practice project
Improving capture of experiments for bioinformatics practitioners Applying lessons learned about capturing previously paper-based information into new digital forms and applying them to support Bioinformaticians. Also see Smart Tea.
Provenance Aware Service Oriented Architecture Concept of provenance and its use for reasoning about the quality and accuracy of data and services in the context of eScience
Pegasus Planning for Execution in Grids Pegasus is a flexible framework that enables the mapping of complex scientific workflows onto the grid
Reasoning for Expressive Ontology Languages Developing new methods of reasoning with large ontologies using very expressive languages
Information Infrastructure for System-Level Earthquake Research Includes computational grid, digital libraries, ontologies and knowledge representation, planning, and interactive acquisition
Semantic and Content-based multimedia exploitation for European benefit Developing semantic layer for distributed multimedia information management, using classifying agents and search agents for structured and unstructured information, and an example semantic knowledge base
A Semantic Firewall JISC+EPSRC A semantic firewall Enforcement of network security policies between trust domains in the presence of dynamically changing and unpredictable Grid communication needs
Semantic Media
Semantic Media Innovation at the intersection of the Semantic Grid and the physical world
Virtual Organisations for E-Science The fundamental computer science research that is necessary to support the entire virtual organisation lifecycle as it exists for the e-Science
WUN Grid
Worldwide University Network
Worldwide University Network Grid A collaborative Semantic Grid for WUN partner organisations

JISC Semantic Grid Activities

The UK Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) and the Engineering and Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC) have together supported the Semantic Grid and Autonomic Computing Programme . This is associated with the JISC Virtual Research Environments and Support for eResearch programmes, both of which address aspects of Semantic Grid. These programmes are managed by Nicole Harris.

Related sites

Some pointers to research groups and individuals engaged in both semantic web and grid computing activities:

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