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Semantic Grid Primer

We are in the process of producing a primer (document and Web Site) to help Grid developers find out about and make use of Semantic Web technologies. As part of this exercise, this web page is a collection of links to useful resources for the primer audience.

Please contact Carole Goble for more information about the primer and to find out how you can help.

We'd like to know your answers to these three questions:

  1. What do you want to see in the primer?
  2. What resources have you found useful (e.g. papers, web sites) that would be a useful addition to this page?
  3. What resources have you created that you would be willing to share with the community?

Please also mail suggestions, URLs, references and contributions to David De Roure for inclusion on this Web page.

We also welcome feedback on the pointers that are here.

Thank you


Geoffrey Fox has contributed these resources which include a useful introductory talk on Metadata and the Semantic Web by Marlon Pierce, Community Grids Lab, Indiana University.


NB These GGF Semantic Grid RG pages are part of the Semantic Grid Web Site, which contains a document store, news of events and links.

W3C Semantic Web pages

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