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Semantic Grid RG - Charter

Group Leadership

Chair: David De Roure (University of Southampton, UK)
Co-Chair: Carole Goble (University of Manchester, UK)
Co-Chair: Geoffrey Fox (Indiana University)
Secretary: Marlon Pierce (Indiana University)


The goal of this RG is to realise the added value of Semantic Web technologies for Grid users and developers. When the scientist seeks answers to problems such as those below, we wish to have the answer obtained by automatic linking of databases and computational resources by means of metadata, ontologies and reasoning over both; i.e. Semantic Web and Grid technologies.

This RG will provide a forum to track Semantic Web community activities and advise the Grid community on the application of Semantic Web technologies in Grid applications and infrastructure, to identify case studies and share good practice.

Projected Tasks

  1. Track semantic web activities and inform the Grid community on what tools and ideas to use now and which to watch
  2. Provide a forum to discuss and share best practice in 'semantic grid' projects
  3. Create links with other RG and WG to both push Semantic Grid expertise and to offer a service of expertise. For example, participation in the proposed working group on scheduling ontology.
  4. Operate a community web portal
  5. Encourage engagement between the Grid and Semantic Web communities.


  1. Produce Primer on Semantic Web technologies for Grid applications, for dissemination to the GGF community.
  2. Run a mini-workshop on the "Semantic Grid Roadmap" to discuss which aspects of Semantic Web can be used now in Grid middleware and applications, and which should be watched to inform what we are doing now. One output of the workshop will be a Semantic Grid 'roadmap' document for submission to GGF with a view to appropriate groups responding with respect to the impact of the roadmap on their group.
  3. Create a WG on Semantic Grid Services that would show that services could be more effectively discovered, matched and composed if they had semantic descriptions enabled by ontologies.
  4. Run a mini-workshop on "Practice and Experience with the Semantic Grid" to identify and report on Semantic Grid case studies (target:GGF10), the report to be disseminated to the GGF community. The mini-workshop will include activities of other groups in this area.
  5. Review of Semantic Grid activity


This RG has an indefinite life time. This is a rapidly changing field and we suggest a review point after 2 years.

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